Homelessness and Housing Awareness and Prayer Evening

Increasing numbers of people in Southampton are facing challenges to do with homelessness and housing. Young people, families, single people, older people – all can be coping with worries about:

  • low pay or zero hours contracts making it hard to pay rent.
  • how to find extra cash for increasing rent payments.
  • living in poor quality accommodation.
  • having to live in a shared housing because they are receiving less housing benefit than is needed for their own place (under 35s)
  • significant reduction in housing benefit due to the ‘bedroom tax’.

The Love Southampton Housing Group have organised an information and prayer evening as a follow-up to Homelessness Sunday.

This evening is about understanding the problems around homelessness and housing that people in Southampton are facing. And its about seeking God for practical ways to make a positive change.

Join us at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25 March at Central Baptist Church, Devonshire Road, Polygon, SO15 2GY.

Download slides etc to advertise the event here.

Is this event for you?

  • Are you concerned when you see homeless people begging on the street?
  • Are you or your friends under pressure to pay rent following the benefit cuts?
  • Do you want to see God’s love expressed in practical ways in Southampton?

We are not going to blast you with the financial details about benefit cuts – we are going to give some broad outlines of the kinds of problems being faced in the city and then some practical ideas that we believe are God-inspired.

We are also going to give time for prayer in 4 specific areas, with a number of suggestions for ways to pray.

If you come to this event you will be informed and inspired. But you will also contribute to the solutions of some of these problems by praying together with others.

We hope to see you there!