Love Southampton is an initiative of the churches in Southampton that springs from the very heart of who we are – a diverse community of people united in our love for God and our love for our neighbour.

We are working together to:
1. do the best we can in the practical ways we love our neighbours in the city
2. communicate efficiently with the council and others who serve the city
3. bring together motivated people to focus on specific areas of need

1. For many years this heartfelt motivation of loving our neighbour has been expressed in a wide range of practical and prayerful ways. The first aim of Love Southampton is to help us organize ourselves – we want to do the best we can in our existing works, build on them where appropriate and focus our energy and commitment in new ways.

2. Another aim of Love Southampton is to provide a way for the churches of Southampton to communicate efficiently with our city. Through Love Southampton we can give an overview of what we do in the community and explore new ways of working together with the city council and others who love Southampton.

3. Love Southampton is not an organisation that runs projects, nor do we aim to raise funding, employ people and start projects. Our aim is to bring together motivated people who can explore specific subjects, see what is needed and identify possible solutions.

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Keeping in touch
You can sign up to our various mailing lists on our newsletter sign-up page.
If you would like to find out more about any of the groups that are ongoing, please email us.
Our address is: info@lovesouthampton.org.uk

Its exciting and encouraging to hear what the church in the city is doing together. We hope that every church in the city will have people who are either involved in Love Southampton directly or who are reading updates and sharing what is going on in their church. Here is a quick summary of Love Southampton:
conversation – come and join in
communication – keep up to date and share the conversations
cooperation – see who’s doing what and when and what help is required
co-production – for those who want to work together more closely with others