Love Southampton is for everyone and is not for just church leaders. It helps everyone in the churches work together to serve the city. As we work more together we are mapping more effectively what is going on and what’s available to our communities.

The exciting bit of Love Southampton is a set of Groups focusing on specific needs and challenges faced by people in the city. In order that these groups can be representative of the churches we have a Council of Reference. We also have a Steering Group to keep the work coordinated. To contact any of the groups, the steering group or the Council of Reference, please email


Christian leaders from across the denominations have formed a Council of Reference. This provides Love Southampton with the blessing and backing of a wide range of Christian churches in Southampton. These are the members of the council of reference:

  • Bishop Jonathan Frost – Bishop of Southampton (chair)
  • Bev Webb – City Life Church
  • Billy Kennedy – Leader of New Community Church
  • Pastor John Paul Odoyye – Leader of Covenant Life Ministries
  • Pastor Michael Olutoye – Southampton Pastors Network
  • Rev Dr Sarah Hall – URC Group Minister, Avenue St Andrews
  • Rev Arthur Cowburn – Methodist Superintendent, Southampton Circuit
  • Paul Finn – Southampton Christian Network
  • Rt Rev Monsignor Vincent Harvey – Coordinating Pastor of Central & West Southampton Catholic Parishes

A number of Groups have been formed to connect people who are passionate about serving in specific areas. These groups are working to understand the needs in their area and looking for suggested solutions and activities that will help our city. Currently the groups and their facilitators are:

      • Home For Good (working on fostering and adoption)
        Paul Woodman (City Life Church) and Chris Kilby (Life Church Southampton)
      • Children and families
        John Ayrton (Portswood Church) and Chris Allcock (Safe Families for Children)
      • Housing and Homelessness
        Paul Woodman (City Life Church) (more details…)
      • Hardship
        Chris Davis (Testwood Baptist Church) and Annette Davis (Testwood Baptist Church) 
      • Mental Health
        Annie Clewlow (Communicare )
      • Chaplaincy
        Chris Davis (Southampton City Mission) and Sandra Lambros (Street Pastors), Nicky Porter (The Gate), Erica Roberts (Chaplain for Older People) and Paul Woodman

The Steering Group is composed of representatives of each group. It is working to coordinate activities and keep the development of Love Southampton open and inclusive.

  • Paul Woodman (chair) (City Life Church)
  • Chris Davis (Testwood Baptist Church)
  • Chris Allcock (Safe Families for Children)
  • Annie Clewlow (Communicare)
  • Rev Erica Roberts (Highfield Church)
  • John Ayrton (Portswood Church)
  • Neil Maddock (Riverside Family Church)
  • Mike Sarson (Southampton Street Pastors)

To contact any of the groups, the steering group or the Council of Reference, please email